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Got discourse? Discuss!

Socratic is an online socratic seminar space presenting one discussion at a time, where people can contribute their support and opposition to the topic.

The Problem

People are stuck in echo chambers and only engage with content that agrees with their existing views, where conflicting views are downvoted into oblivion.

However, online spaces where people of different views do confront each other become a cesspool of name-calling, belief-bashing, and frustration, with no baseline understanding or respect for the opposing view.

So we asked ourselves, how might we create a space that allows people to discuss current events and inform each other about differing perspectives, facilitating a learning environment with discussion.

Our Solution

Socratic offers an alternative to such forums for discussion.

Shared Knowledge

3 articles for users to read in order to become more informed before commenting.

Stimulating Conversations

Well-moderated discussion forum where people share their unique understanding.

Crossing Echo Chambers

Upvoting system that only allows users to upvote comments supporting the opposing viewpoint.

Demo Video

Check out our video to see how a user would engage with the opinion of the day!

Our Process

We had several benchmarks to demarcate our design process.
Here are links to our process:

Our Team